“Wading In” Coaching Experience




This coaching experience is for churches who are very interested in TheTable and Children’s Table ministry, but just need some extra coaching and guidance in getting them to “dive in” fully.  A  church team of five and no more than seven leaders consisting the pastor, board/council chair, children/youth leader, preschool/daycare director (if applicable), and other key leaders will commit to studying Inside Out: Everting Ministry Models for the Postmodern Culture together simultaneously on their own as a foundational resource and tool for their coaching sessions.  Each participant will need a copy of the book and will be added to your registration and shipped to your church.

The team will schedule six one-hour virtual coaching sessions with Michael Scott and/or Kay Kotan to explore TheTable and Children’s Table ministry model in light of the church’s context over the next 90 days.  The coaching sessions will focus on the benefits, gaps, obstacles, and opportunities in launching this ministry model.  Leaders will likely have action steps to be taken between coaching sessions so that by the end of the 90-days, the leaders will be able to determine whether or not to move ahead with a grant application.

This “Wading In’” coaching experience is $1000 per team.  The grant covers $600 and the church’s investment is $400.  If the church moves ahead and launches a Children’s Table, the $400 investment will apply towards their launch.

**Please Note: Books will be shipped to your church.

The cost for the “Dip Your Toe” Cohort Experience includes the Cost of the Cohort $400.00 and 5 – Resource Books –  Inside Out : Everting Ministry Models for the Postmodern Culture + Shipping for a Total of $507.70. 

A minimum of 5 participants is required with a maximum of 7 participants. If more Resource Books are needed you can order through the link below –  Inside Out : Everting Ministry Models for the Postmodern Culture. Please Note: Books will be shipped to the church.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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