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The Table is a unique postmodern movement for faith communities desiring to reach younger generations through integrated micro communities.

Rela-table is here to serve the community. Whether that is providing a simple kitchen table to a teen aging out of foster care, or helping to put food on a table for a family, we exist to make life better for others through meeting tangible needs and building relationships.



Ken Nash

Ken Nash is an ordained elder serving multi-site churches in Michigan and New York.   He has been honored to travel alongside dozens of churches across the country as he has coached them through launching their own multi-site faith communities.  Through his doctorate studies in multi-site, he confirmed his instincts and practice that laity have been and continue to be key in creating and sustaining movements for building ministries and multi-sites.  As a result, Ken is inspiring and encouraging to both clergy and laity alike.


Multiply Impact
Through Ephesians 4 Leadership

Equipping and multiplying leaders is the key to vital ministry. Ken Nash has developed a systemic proven process to help laity find their call and live it out. When laity find their call and are encouraged and released to live it out, true revival is both possible and probable. Based on an Ephesians 4 model of leadership, your team will learn how to implement this system for your congregation to help each lay person identify their ministry gift and how to live into their God-given call yielding community impact and multiplication.

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